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5 Important Reasons Why Social Media Optimization Is Needed

What do you mean by SMO?
SMO stands for Social Media Optimization. It is the perfect alliance between search engine optimization and social media. Experts use SMO for increasing the brand or product awareness with the help of social media channels as well as communities. The use of social media sites, video sites as well as RSS feed and blogging sites are included in the process of doing SMO for driving traffic to the website and improving the organic search results of the website. With the aim of getting unique visitors to the website content, the method of the social media activity is practiced.
Why SMO is required?
1. It Ensures a Strong Presence on the Web
You can ensure a strong web presence for the business and establishes the internet authority of the brand with SMO. SMO introduces people to the business and also allows you to do branding, improving brand visibility and recall.    
2. It Increases the Reach
SMO offers the chance to get to the targeted audience. Through this medium, y…

Things To Remember If You Are An iOS 11 App Developer

There are various new features evolving these days that comes in iOS 11. Hence, app developers now have limited access to Apple’s first developer beta. There is nothing that can be built into commercial apps now, but still, many developers are trying to bring in new features and update the toolsets. This is done in order to improve the user experiences.

iOS 11 App Developer

Following are some of the factors that you must keep in mind if you are an iOS 11 App Developer.


In iOS 10, Apple first introduced SiriKit. The SiriKit is enhanced with a major update in iOS 11. Since, for the first time, apps can offer transactional features through voice control so we can say that the voice is becoming an important interface. It offers many benefits to the users by providing hands-free access to apps to the users. People can operate the apps, even if they are driving. This is the fastest way to launch an app or get information. Thus being an app developer, you need to give high priority to SiriKit. Your apps must support SiriKit, as voice grows in importance.

Barcode Recognition

Marketers have a favorite tool named QR codes in the past. Since QR codes allow them to take users to a website or app, thus marketers appreciate it. However, you need to remember that this practice required people to download a scanning app, which is a barrier. But, the iOS 11 camera app supports automatic barcode recognition that implies there is no need to download a scanning app and you can directly snap a picture of a code and take an immediate digital journey to the intended app or website.
This is a convenient feature provided by the operating system, iOS 11 free. Thus being an app developer, you need to remember this feature and leverage all app marketers in order to improve discoverability.

Face Detection And Tracking

The apps, which offer either real time image or video capture, and image handling, will be able to detect faces and facial features. The important and appreciated part of this feature is that it is very simple for developers to take advantage of it. Developers use this feature for image-based apps. The iOS eleven software conjointly provides an excellent tool that aids the developers in inserting the interface parts in a particular place among the image.

Screen Sharing & Recording Tools 

With iOS eleven, Apple intends to contour the screenshot-sharing method, and conjointly provide users the power to record their screen. The third beta listed a replacement broadcasting feature to accompany screen recording, however, the fourth beta not includes the feature. However, the screen recording icon currently includes an enumeration before setting out to record whereas within the center.
So if you are also an iOS 11 app developer then keep these features in mind. 


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